Pen collection and cases


I hope this finds you well.

Today I am sharing my latest creations, cases for my collection of pens and pencils collected over the years from travel, shows, theme parks, gifts and really nice functional pens.

This is a large case for the oven sized pencil, feathered pen and still in package Egyption themed pen.

This case holds a carved pencil with elephant from Lanzerote, skelliton pen from London Dungon, Darth Vader boggle head pen, and light up pink heart pen.

This case holds a veriety of pencils

More themed pens

And more biros from companies promoting.

With more themed pens

I hope you enjoyed the collections and crafts

Until next time

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Francesca FMDD

Craft Projects

Hello Friends and Fans

I hope this finds you well

Today I would like to share with you some of my current completed craft projects

Eternal Roses


My knitted rose collection has grown in a variety of colours, easy to care for and will add vibrancy in the autumn winter month.

Stacking stones


Collected from a recent trip to Spain, these are vibrant in colour, quaint in size, very calming to construct, and a great mantle piece.

Mini Jars and Pebbles


Using recycled mini jars and collected pebbles made of stone and precious materials from Spain, these make a great memory keep sake.

If you are interested in buying any of these crafted items please contact me

I hope you enjoyed the collection

Keep being Creative

Thank You For Visiting



Completed projects for the week

Hello friends and fans
I hope you had a great week and are looking forward to the weekend

Today I would like to share my completed projects for the week

A cosy cushion cover


Spring top


Rose heads


Making these for my next project idea


Getting approval from Gigi…may take more convincing 😁

Have a great weekend
Francesca Fmdigitaldesign

Weekend projects

Hello friends and fans

My completed weekend project


Mini glass jar – memories of amsterdam with pink quarts and shells.


Tube socks – nice,  long and warm.


Eternal rose, crochet style

Wishing you all a wonderful Valentine’s day


Craft Collection

Crochet and Knitted Crafts

Recent projects



This is my first mix knitting and perfect punch designed bag



Baby blankets, great for prams as cots

Winter club

wintclubcol dec

Hats, scarfs and snoods


shawlscol feb

Colourful light covers for our shoulders

Summer scarfs


Light and vibrant in colour, great for those light and breezy days

Pets in mind covers for bedding

petinmindcol dec

Made with small pets in mind, inspired by my cat, Iv created a collection of pet blankets to help make the bedding soft and warm

I started with simple projects

Friendship Bracelets

Soft designs with vibrant colours, these are a great and inexpensive way to add decor to ones wrist.

Home comforts

A shoulder cover for when chilling at home, curtain ties, tube socks

Hanging decor crochet, mats, mini bags, vibrant gift bag, small flowers, hot plate holder

Glass Memory Keepsakes

glassjar cg

Living in London is very interesting, on a day out by the river banks, I came across crockery embedded in the low tied floor, having a plastic bag handy I collected some of the broken pieces and kept them hidden for years.  Finding a jar big enough was the first challenge, once I found one, I placed the crockery from history on display and this inspired the rest.

Precious stones with a shell top

Stones from the coast

Odd and old jewelry collections

Mini stone stacking

I love visiting the coats of England, and these items were inspired by those trips, mini stones in a variety of tones and even one with a shell

Key rings

There was a time when these plastic colour strips were all the rage, after the fad, these colourful lines became very inexpensive and for fun I started creating key rings, in a variety of colours, design, and added mix materials, the mini stone embedded in the design is one of my favorites.

Outdoor craft

Last summer I started thinking about adding some decor to the outside, I love plants, but I always seem to have trouble keeping my outdoor plants alive throughout the season.  My green thumb seems to be limited to indoor plant life.

This inspired me to start creating using recycled items that can withstand the cold of England.

Artificial plants – starting with an old wood plant support, I added some pots (top part, of a cut, drink bottle, to allow draining) and tied with garden wire for support, I added some artificial plants for testing, and it has been a great way to add some green colour to the outside

Chandelier –  Starting with an old hanging plant cage, I added some decorative plastic shapes to create this enchanting piece.

I was shown how to knit by my Grandmothers

Lucia and Selma

They were great teachers and inspired me to be creative – I will always be thankful to have had them in my life to inspire me to be creative